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HHS Small Business Staff & Specialists


Communicating with the Small Business Staff

If you are seeking general information about doing business with HHS, it is most helpful if you direct your communication electronically to our mailbox. This allows us to quickly determine how best to respond to you. Inquiries that are sent to the wrong staff person or multiple members of our staff only delay our response process in getting you the information that you need. If you know your area of interest or an actual opportunity you wish to pursue, please include that information in your email request so that we may be better able to assist you. Please submit your email to: sbmail@hhs.gov.

HHS Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization (HHS/OSDBU)

200 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Hubert Humphrey Building, Room 637D
Washington, DC 20201
Telephone Number: 202-690-7300

Headquarters Staff Contacts

Michelle Street, Deputy Director for Operations
Michelle.Street@hhs.gov 202-260-7461

Linda Waters, Deputy Director of Administration and Programs and National Outreach Director
Linda.Waters@hhs.gov 202-690-8457

Ronald Underwood, Management Analyst
Ronald.Underwood@hhs.gov 202-260-7157

Karisma Horne, Procurement Analyst
Karisma.Horne@hhs.gov 202-205-5970

Barbara Bigelow, Management Analyst
Barbara.Bigelow@hhs.gov 202-260-7094

Mari Williams, Staff Assistant
Mari.Williams@hhs.gov 202-690-7300

Small Business Specialists and Operating Divisions:

Administration for Children and Families (ACF)
Allyson Brown Allyson.Brown@hhs.gov 202-853-7976

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
Allyson Brown Allyson.Brown@hhs.gov 202-853-7976

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Gwendolyn Miles Gwendolyn.Miles@hhs.gov 202-758-5124

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
Anita Allen Anita.Allen@hhs.gov 202-640-0264

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Natasha Boyce, Natasha.Boyce@hhs.gov, 202-355-4418

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
Wayne Berry Wayne.Berry@hhs.gov 202-390-5801

Indian Health Service (IHS)
Jonathan Ferguson Jonathan.Ferguson@hhs.gov 202-740-5509

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Natasha Boyce Natasha.Boyce@hhs.gov 202-640-8118
Wayne Berry Wayne.Berry@hhs.gov 202-390-5801
Jonathan Ferguson Jonathan.Ferguson@hhs.gov 202-740-5509
Anita Allen Anita.Allen@hhs.gov 202-640-0264

Office of Inspector General (OIG)
Melanie Carter, Melanie.Carter@hhs.gov, 202-760-0066

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR)
Melanie Carter, Melanie.Carter@hhs.gov, 202-760-0066

Office of the Secretary, Program Support Center (PSC)
Allyson Brown Allyson.Brown@hhs.gov 202-853-7976

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
Allyson Brown Allyson.Brown@hhs.gov 202-853-7976

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Content last reviewed on October 19, 2020