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Numbers at a Glance April 2009

This is HIPAA enforcement numbers at a glace for 2009


Issued by: Office for Civil Rights (OCR)

Issue Date: July 01, 1905

Numbers at a Glance

(As of April 30, 2009)

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Pie chart showing status of all complaints

Status of All Complaints
Complaints Remaining Open 5,967 14% of Total
Complaints Resolved 37,724 86% of Total
Total Complaints Received 43,691  
* Referrals to DOJ - 456, Referrals to CMS - 306

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Pie chart showing status of all investigated resolutions

Total Investigated Resolutions
Corrective Action Obtained (Change Achieved) 8,402 67% of Total
No Violation 4,184 33% of Total
Total Complaints Investigated 12,586  

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Bar graph showing Investigated Resolutions. 2003 79 no violation, 260 corrective action, 339 total. 2004 359 no violation, 1,033 corrective action, 1,392 total. 2005 642 no violation, 1,161 corrective action, 1,803 total. 2006 895 no violation, 1,571 corrective action, 2,466 total. 2007 715 no violation, 1,484 corrective action, 2,199 total. 2008 1,163 no violation, 2,210 corrective action, 3,373 total.

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