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Fact Sheets

Why donation is important

Understanding why donation is important can help motivate people to donate. Share this fact sheet with potential donors.

Why Donation is Important Fact Sheet [PDF, 2.5 MB]

Donation process

Donating blood is safe and simple. Help people learn about the process, from preparation, to donation, to recovery.

Donation Process Fact Sheet [PDF, 4.8 MB]

Types of donations

There are four types of blood donation, and all of them are needed. Use this fact sheet to help people decide which type of donation to make.

Types of Donations Fact Sheet [PDF, 2.6 MB]


Many people do not know if they are able to donate blood. Share this fact sheet and help people learn if they are eligible.

Eligibility Fact Sheet [PDF, 2.6 MB]

Common concerns

First time blood donors may feel nervous. This fact sheet addresses common questions and concerns and can help put their mind at ease.

Common Concerns Fact Sheet [PDF, 4.8 MB]

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