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“Dear hero, I don’t know who you are, but because you gave plasma, I am no longer disabled." Quote from Crystal, a plasma donation recipient.

How can you help save lives?
By giving plasma.

Across the country, thousands of Americans need therapies made from plasma to survive. When you give source plasma, you help people with serious and rare diseases, along with burn victims and trauma and cancer patients.

Why Giving is Critical

A Constant Need

The COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted the availability of medicines made from plasma. To ensure there is never a shortage, we need your help. Donate plasma regularly so that Americans have the life-saving, plasma-derived therapies they need, when they need them, for years to come.

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Treating 1 hemophilia A patient for 1 year takes 1,200 plasma donations. 1

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Treating 1 patient with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency for 1 year takes 900 plasma donations. 1

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Treating 1 patient with a primary immune deficiency for 1 year takes 130 plasma donations. 1

Photograph of Arabel, a plasma donation recipient.

Plasma treatments have greatly increased my stamina. I'm now able to do so much more.


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Photograph of Alice, a plasma donation recipient.

Plasma is a miraculous substance that is making it possible to survive my autoimmune disease.


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What common concerns do people have?

It is normal to feel nervous about donating plasma, especially if you are a first-time donor. Put your mind at ease with answers to these common questions.

See Common Concerns
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What is the plasma donation process?

Giving plasma is safe and simple. Learn about the process so you know what to expect.

Learn About the Process
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Can I give plasma?

Many people who didn’t think they could give plasma are surprised to find out they can. Learn whether you can save lives by giving plasma.

Find Out if You’re Eligible
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Where can I give?

There are a variety of plasma donation centers throughout the country.

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