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Because conversations can be healing.

House Calls with Dr. Vivek Murthy is a podcast hosted by the 21st U.S. Surgeon General. In each episode, Dr. Murthy and his guests explore how they navigate the messiness and uncertainties of life to find meaning and joy. By sharing openly what’s on our minds and in our hearts, we can find strength and healing through connection.

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  1. Headshot of Dr. Lisa Damour, Psychologist and Author

    How Can We Protect Teen Mental Health?

    Are you worried about your teen’s mental health? In this episode, Dr. Lisa Damour and the Surgeon General discuss many of the questions on parents’ minds and the concrete ways adults can help adolescents.
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  2. Headshot of David Brooks, Columnist

    What is a Meaningful Life?

    In a world that can feel uncertain and pressured, this episode is a pause to ask what stories we tell, about ourselves and the world, and to think about what gives each of us a sense of meaning in our lives.
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  3. Headshot of Catherine Price, Science Journalist and Author

    Can You Live Without Your Phone?

    How is your relationship with your phone (or other devices) affecting your health and well-being? Listen to hear how Surgeon General and Catherine Price, science journalist and author of “How to Break Up with Your Phone,” explore this big question.
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  4. What Gives You Hope?

    Hope is an essential part of our lives. “What gives you hope?” is the question Dr. Murthy and his guests explore in this special episode of House Calls.
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  5. Headshot of Maya Shankar, Cognitive Scientist & Podcast Host

    Why is Change So Hard?

    Change is a part of life. Sometimes it’s something we plan for, other times it’s unexpected. How can we handle it?
    Watch Why is Change So Hard?
  6. Headshot of Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary, Professor and Founder and CSO of Wise Therapeutics

    Can Anxiety Be Good For Us?

    Anxiety feels bad, but when approached in the right way, it can actually help us achieve our goals. It starts with getting curious about our anxiety.
    Watch Can Anxiety Be Good For Us?
  7. Headshot of Fred Dust, Designer and Author

    Can We Talk?

    In an era taken hold by polarization, argument, and competing for attention, how can we have meaningful conversations? Fred Dust plants the seeds for the talks we want to have.
    Watch Can We Talk?
  8. Headshot of Dr. Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology at Yale University and Host of the podcast, “The Happiness Lab”

    What Makes Us Happy?

    Do we understand what makes us happy? And if we do, can we make ourselves happier? The answer might surprise you.
    Watch What Makes Us Happy?
  9. Headshot of Father Greg Boyle, Jesuit Priest & Founder of Homeboy Industries

    Finding Strength Through Kindness


    Father Greg Boyle offers wisdom for us all on how we can emotionally navigate past anger and bridge divides. And why he believes “kindness is the only non-delusional response to everything.”

    Watch Finding Strength Through Kindness
  10. Headshot of Christian Robinson, Illustrator and Author

    Why Feeling Like We Matter Really Matters


    Christian Robinson grew up drawing the life he wanted to live on paper. As an adult and celebrated artist, it’s the reverse -- Robinson infuses his children’s books with narratives and illustrations from his life to help young people understand their own lives and feel they matter.

    Watch Why Feeling Like We Matter Really Matters
  11. Headshot of José Andrés, Chef & Humanitarian

    Recipe for Connection


    Whether he’s cooking dinner for his family or feeding the world, José Andrés opens up about using the power of food to build connection and community.

    Watch Recipe for Connection