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Take the Surgeon General’s 5‑for‑5 Connection Challenge

5 Actions for 5 Days

  1. Step 1: Commit to connect

    Pick 5 actions and 5 days in a row to connect with people in your life.

  2. Step 2: Connect each day for 5 days

    Each day, take 1 simple action of your choice to express gratitude, offer support, or ask for help. For more ideas, see the card deck below.

Inspire More Connection

Step 3: Reflect and share.

Take a moment. How did connecting make you feel?

Let your loved ones know about your experience and invite them to join in! Use #MadeToConnect on social media and share this link.

We're eager to hear your stories, too. Email us at so we can learn & share your stories to inspire more connection.

5-for-5 Connection Stories

There are many ways to connect. Here are some ways 5-for-5 Challenge participants are choosing to connect with themselves and others, using actions from the Made to Connect Card Deck.

“We Are Made To Connect” Tour Stops

As part of this national effort, the Surgeon General will be visiting university campuses to talk about the importance of social connection and youth mental health.

  • Duke University

    October 25

  • University of Washington

    November 3

  • University of Texas, Austin

    November 8

  • Arizona State University

    November 13

  • Barclays Center

    November 27

  • Drexel University

    November 28

  • Camden County College

    November 28

  • Hampton University

    November 29

Joined By Active Minds & MTV

A.S.K. – Acknowledge, Support, Keep-in Touch is a new framework for emotional support from MTV and Active Minds that will help you learn what you need to know to support your friends, family, colleagues, and anybody in your life when they need you.

Events in collaboration with Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s College Connection Tour will feature a DIY bracelet-making station, giveaways, and a photo op with the A.S.K. art installation. Stop by on your way to class or plan a time to come with a friend. Because the best way to help is to A.S.K.

Why Does Social Connection Matter?

Social connection is as essential to our long-term survival as food and water. But today, our epidemic of loneliness is more widespread than other major health issues in the U.S. Social connection is a powerful way to improve our physical and mental health.

What Can I Do Next?

Additional Resources

Lifeline Resources

If you are experiencing an emergency, get immediate support (available 24/7):