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“I haven’t had a single attack since I started my plasma treatment.” Quote from Arabel, a plasma donation recipient.

I recently developed HAE, which stands for hereditary angioedema. It causes horrible swelling all over my body. Plasma donors are saving my life, and those of so many others, by making the treatment we need possible.

My mom always hoped I wouldn’t inherit her HAE, but then I did

My mom had HAE, and there was a 50% chance I’d get it. In many cases, HAE doesn’t present itself until puberty, and that’s when I started getting more and more symptoms. During the first attack, I had swelling in my arms, legs, chest, and even my toes. I’d get big patches of them and they’d last a few days. Before healing, they’d get red and hurt and bruise. Each episode also made me really tired. I can swell inside my body too, and it is life-threatening when it happens in your intestines or throat.

If I got emotional, hit my hand, or anything like that, I’d get a storm of swelling

Almost anything can bring on the swelling, even mosquito bites or the sling I wore when I hurt my arm. If I was emotional or stressed, the swelling got worse. I’m an emotional person and under a lot of stress right now. I just moved from the reservation, I’m starting a new school, and I’m trying to make new friends. So, before my treatments, I had swelling everywhere. I always wore long sleeves to school so I wouldn’t have to explain the swelling in my arms.

My plasma therapy has been amazing

My mom takes plasma medicine for her HAE, and it works so well for her I started on it about a month ago. She takes it in pill form but I use injections, and it’s really amazing. I used to have swelling every other day, but I haven’t had a single episode since I started my plasma therapy. And that’s just so great.

Arabel roller skating.

“Plasma treatments have greatly increased my stamina. I’m now able to do so much more than what I could have done just a few months ago.”

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