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"Without the blood transfusion I received, I probably wouldn’t have survived.” Quote from Cesar, a blood donation recipient

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank whoever donated the blood that helped save me. Your generosity allowed me to live and do everything I love again.

My world suddenly crumbled

My career as an actor was really taking off when a drunk driver struck my car head-on. Suddenly, my world came crumbling down. I was bleeding out tremendously, just about every bone in my face was broken, I was spitting out teeth, and my femur was protruding out of my leg. I had every injury you can imagine. And I was later told that my heart stopped beating several times, but the first responders never gave up on me and were able to bring me back.

It was a miracle I survived

What I went through was catastrophic, and there were definitely ups and downs—mostly downs, where I felt broken not just physically, but also mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It’s been a long journey, but at the end of the day, I realized I’m here for a reason. It’s a miracle I survived what no one thought possible.

If you saw me running and going about my life now, you’d ask, “how is he able to do all this after his body was almost destroyed?” It’s due to the first responders and everyone who never gave up on me—and because of the blood transfusions I received.

I wish I knew who to thank for the blood I was given

I went back and thanked the first responders who brought me back to life when my heart stopped. I thanked the doctors and everybody else who played a pivotal role in my recovery. But I don’t know who donated the blood I was given that night, and I wish I could personally thank them too. They’re one of the reasons I can breathe, eat, run, and make new memories.

Cesar playing guitar.

“I never thought about a blood transfusion before, I never thought I would need it, I was healthy, in the best shape of my life. But, thanks to those who donated blood, I can live my life again.”

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