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Selected HHS Blog Posts

Read a blog about Joseph Lewis’ #RefugeesWelcome story.
Refugees come to America with a lot to offer this nation. We have a lot of scars. All refugees are asking is just to embrace us.
Read a blog about our work to support the health and well-being of the LGBT community.
Here at HHS, our support for LGBT health and wellbeing has spanned across the department.
LGBT | Pride Month
Read an HHS Blog.
This year, ACF is encouraging participation in the Administration’s Summer Opportunity Project.
Read an HHS Blog.
We have improved insurance coverage for mental health and substance use disorder care for over 170 million people.
Strengthening Federal Partnerships with Faith-based and Community Organizations
The link between sodium consumption and blood pressure is strong and well documented. High blood pressure is a key risk factor for heart disease and stroke.
nutrition | sodium
Read an HHS Blog.
Our three departments take the emergence of this resistance gene very seriously. A coordinated response is underway to try to prevent its spread.
Read a blog post about the new FDA Nutrition Facts Label.
The Nutrition Facts label can make a real difference in helping consumers have the information they need to make dietary choices that support a healthy diet.
Read a blog post about Health Datapalooza 2016.
The Health Datapalooza was an extraordinary opportunity to meet stakeholders from across the health care industry.
Read a blog post about Nathan’s #GetCovered story.
The costs of my health care coverage have dramatically decreased since I was able to get insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace.
Read a blog post about National Nurses Week.
Nurses are still a hallmark of our health care system. Their hard work, dedication and commitment make patients safer and our nation stronger.