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The HHS Operating and Staff Divisions have continued to make progress on key cross cutting activities outlined in the first two iterations of the HHS Open Government Plan.  Throughout our internal and external governance approaches, the elements of transparency, collaboration, and participation are brought forward through new initiatives, application of new technologies, and new business processes. 

In the new plan, we are integrating these principles with the execution of a new Departmental strategic plan that provides new opportunities for applying focus and accountability.  This plan will include new elements of engaging the workforce to reinforce the elements of the plan and to empower employees to bring innovative solutions into the discussion and action.  Within the Office of the Secretary, the IDEA Lab was developed to establish new pathways and programs that will equip the workforce with new workflow processes, new methods, and communication and analytic tools that will help accelerate the adoption of open government principles. Through specific projects and activities, we will be testing alternative approaches to improve communications, fiscal reporting, oversight, and other management activities.  Some of these methods may not succeed with the first attempt, but we will be better equipped with information about our organization to make a more informed effort at finding solutions in the future.  We will be sharing with our employees and stakeholders the results of these projects so that others can learn the work and apply them to their own situations and challenges. In addition, we will be emphasizing the use of goals and metrics in projects that will allow us to know where we are making progress and learn where new approaches and greater effort is needed. 

As we begin to deploy this version of the HHS Open Government Plan, we call on stakeholders to share with us their ideas and experiences so we can learn more about how the specific activities described here can be best undertaken.  We encourage everyone to review the plan, ask questions, and identify strengths and weaknesses that we can address along the way. The best approach is to share your comments with us at http://www.hhs.gov/open, where you can address general issues or comment on specific aspects of the plan.

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Content last reviewed on January 2, 2015