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Instructions to the Fiscal Intermediary Shared System [FISS] Edit to Expand the Existing MA Bypass Reusable Solution PARMCC78 and Modify the Existing Logic to Read the New PARMs

Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) update a parameter screen (PARM) as the reusable solution to ensure these new benefits, when reported with condition code 78, are paid under Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) for Medicare Advantage (MA) beneficiaries. This solution is called PARMCC78. Currently, this PARM allows up to 20 entries. The number of entries for this screen have been exhausted, and it cannot be expanded due to physical record limitations.

To provide space for additional entries, additional iterations of the PARM are needed. This CR instructs the FISS edit to rename the existing reusable solution PARMCC78 to PRMCC78A, then create two additional PRMCC78B, and PRMCC78C to accommodate up to 60 entries to allow these new benefits that are paid under Medicare FFS for MA beneficiaries. In addition, the FISS shall modify the existing logic to read the new reusable solutions PRMCC78A, PRMCC78B, and PRMCC78C.

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Issued by: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Issue Date: July 07, 2022

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