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Hospice Quality Reporting Program - Public Reporting: Key Dates for Providers

Guidance for dates related to comparisons, previews and corrections of HIS data.


Issued by: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Issue Date: February 05, 2018

CMS Hospice Public Reporting Key Dates for Providers

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) encourages providers to be familiar with the important dates outlined in the tables below. Providers need to submit all Hospice Item Set (HIS) modification or inactivation records prior to the 4.5 month data correction deadline for public reporting for the modifications to be reflected in the corresponding HIS Provider Preview Report and public display, located on Care Compare.

This means that providers have 4.5 months following the end of each calendar year (CY) quarter to review and correct their HIS records with target dates (which is the admission date for HIS-Admission records and discharge date for HIS-Discharge records) in that quarter for public reporting. After this 4.5-month data correction deadline has passed, HIS data from that calendar quarter will be permanently frozen for the purposes of public reporting. Updates made after the correction deadline will not appear in any subsequent Care Compare refresh. This policy is at the HIS record-level, meaning a patient’s HIS-Admission and HIS-Discharge records may have different data correction deadlines.

Care Compare Refresh Schedule and Preview Periods

Refresh DateFebruary 2024 RefreshMay 2024 RefreshAugust 2024 RefreshNovember 2024 Refresh
Quarters Included in Refresh for HIS Measures (includes patients discharged during these quarters)Quarter 2 2022 – Quarter 1 2023Quarter 3 2022 – Quarter 2 2023Quarter 4 2022 – Quarter 3 2023Quarter 1 2023 – Quarter 4, 2023
Quarters included in Refresh for CAHPS measure scores (includes patients who died during these quarters)

Quarter 2 2021 – Quarter 1 2023


Quarter 3 2021 – Quarter 2 2023Quarter 4 2021 – Quarter 3 2023Quarter 1 2022 – Quarter 4 2023
Quarters included in Refresh for CAHPS Star Ratings (includes patients who died during these quarters)Quarter 2 2021 – Quarter 1 2023Quarter 2 2021 – Quarter 1 2023Quarter 4 2021 – Quarter 3 2023Quarter 4 2021 – Quarter 3 2023
Quarters included in Refresh for Claims-based Measures (includes patients with claims for care received during these quarters)Quarter 1 2021 – Quarter 4 2022Quarter 1 2021 – Quarter 4 2022Quarter 1 2021 – Quarter 4 2022Quarter 1 2022 – Quarter 4 2023
Month that Provider Preview Reports (HIS, Claims, CAHPS®) are releasedNovemberFebruaryMayAugust

Upcoming Data Correction Deadlines for Public Reporting

Target Date of HIS Record


HIS Record Data Correction Deadline for Public Reporting (11:59:59 p.m. E.T.) 


Quarter 1, 2024(01/01/24-03/31/24)August 15, 2024
Quarter 2, 2024(04/01/24-06/30/24)November 15, 2024
Quarter 3, 2024(07/01/24-09/30/24)February 17, 2025
Quarter 4, 2024(10/01/24-12/31/24)May 15, 2025

CMS encourages providers to review quality measure data early and often using their Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reports (CASPER) Quality Measure (QM) Reports and not wait until the 4.5-month data correction deadline for public reporting to submit any necessary HIS corrections. For more information on how providers can use their CASPER QM Reports to review data please see the CASPER QM Reports Fact Sheet in the Downloads section of the HQRP Requirements and Best Practices webpage.

Upcoming CAHPS Hospice Survey Data Submission Deadlines

During CY 2023 and 2024, the CAHPS Hospice Survey will continue data collection as normal.  This means that deadlines for data submission to the CAHPS Hospice Survey data warehouse will occur on the second Wednesday of the month in February, May, August, and November.

CAHPS Hospice Survey Upcoming Data Submission Deadlines in CY 2023 and 2024

QuarterDates of DeathsData Submission Deadline
Quarter 3 2023July-September 2023February 14, 2024
Quarter 4 2023October-December 2023May 8, 2024
Quarter 1 2024January-March 2024August 14, 2024
Quarter 2 2024April-June 2024November 13, 2024

Hospice Quality Reporting Program Archives


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