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FAQ 316 If a research subject revokes his or her authorization to have protected health information used or disclosed for research, does the HIPAA Privacy Rule permit a researcher/covered health care provider to continue using the protected health informa  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 328 Are hospitals or other health care providers required to provide their notices to patients they treat in an emergency?   Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 342 Can a covered entity bypass obtaining an individual's authorization for a use or disclosure not permitted by the HIPAA Privacy Rule simply by informing individuals of the use or disclosure through it notice of privacy practices?   Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 223 Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule address when a person may not be the appropriate person to control an individual's protected health information?   Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 240 When is a health care provider a business associate of another health care provider?   Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 2035 Can an individual be charged a fee if the individual  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 2047 Does an individual have a righ to access PHI maintained by a BA?  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 2060 Do individuals have the right under HIPAA to have copies of their PHI transferred or transmitted to them in the manner they request, even if the requested mode of transfer or transmission is unsecure?  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 2014 Does the Security Rule mandate minimum operating system requirements for the personal computer systems used by a covered entity?  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 2020 What is the difference between addressable and required implementation specifications?  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
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