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FAQ 1065 Is a health plan required to notify enrollees about NPP?  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 1507 Is a health care provider permitted to disclose proof of a child’s immunizations directly to a school without a HIPAA authorization?   Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 1515 Do communications about recently-lapsed prescriptions for a medicine fall within the “refill reminder” exception to marketing?  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 1523 May a covered entity contract with a business associate to assist in administering a refill reminder or medication adherence program paid for by a pharmaceutical manufacturer?  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 190 Who must comply with HPAA privacy standards?  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 468 May a covered entity hire a business associate to create a limited data set, and may the public health authority be a business associate for that purpose, even if the public health authority is also the intended recipient of the limited data set?   Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 487 May a hospital or other covered entity notify a patient's family member or other person that the patient is at their facility?  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 421 Is a flexible spending account or a cafeteria plan a covered entity for purposes of the Privacy Rule and the other HIPAA, Title II, Administrative Simplification standards?   Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 473 May a valid authorization list categories of persons who may use or disclose protected health information, without naming specific individuals or entities?  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 491 May a doctor or hospital disclose protected health information to a person or entity that can assist in notifying a patient’s family member of the patient’s location and health condition?   Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
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