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FAQ 352 If I believe that my privacy rights have been violated, when can I submit a complaint?   Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 370 Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule require that covered entities document all oral communications?  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 311 What does the HIPAA Privacy Rule say about a research participant's right of access to research records or results?   Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 325 I am a health care provider and my state law says I have to provide a workers' compensation insurer, upon request, with an injured workers' records that related to treatment or hospitalization for which compensation is being sought. Am I permitted  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 337 We participate in an organized health care arrangement (OHCA). How are we to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule's requirements for providing notices and obtaining individuals' acknowledgements of the notice?   Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 220 If someone has a health care power of attorney for an individual, can they obtain access to that individual's medical record?   Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 232 Has the Secretary exceeded the HIPAA statutory authority by requiring "satisfactory assurances" for disclosures to business associates?  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 250 I want to hire the intended recipient of a limited data set to also create the limited data set as my business associate. Can I combine the data and use agreement and business associate contract?   Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 2042 What personal health information do individuals  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
FAQ 2056 When an individual exercises her HIPAA right to get an electronic copy of her PHI, can the individual choose the electronic format of the copy?  Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Final
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