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HHS Open Government Plan

Version 2.0

We’re proud to release version 2.0 of our HHS Open Government Plan, reflecting valuable input we’ve gotten since the release of our initial Plan on April 9.

Version 2.0 is available as a downloadable PDF.

Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in the PDF file. For assistance, email

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Progress Report on Our Open Government Plan Version 1.0 Implementation

1.1  Leadership, Governance, and Culture Change

1.2  Transparency

1.3  Participation and Collaboration

1.4  Flagship Initiatives

Overview of How Version 2.0 of the Open Government Plan was Developed

Leadership, Governance, and Culture Change

4  Transparency

4.1  Improving Capabilities to Understand Data

4.2  Policies and Activities to Promote Availability of Data Resources

4.3  Publishing of New or Enhanced Datasets and Tools

4.4  Smart Disclosure – Supporting a More Informed Public

5  Participation and Collaboration

5.1  Using Challenge Competitions for Problem-Solving

5.2  Collaborative consortia, networks and learning communities

5.3  Creation of collaborative databases, registries, and tools for information sharing

5.4  Collaborative metrics development

5.5  Web-based strategies for enhanced sharing of HHS resources

5.6  New approaches for enhancing stakeholder input and feedback

5.7  HHS Federal Advisory Committees’ Use of Advanced Communication Technology

6  Flagship Initiatives

6.1  Innovation Fellows Program

6.2  New Collaborations to Promote Medical Products Innovation

6.3  Enhanced Data Quality and Usability


How Are We Doing?

Evaluating Our Progress

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