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    Stephen Buckley in writes:

    OpenGovHHS says: "These metrics will need to be refined and others added via a cross-HHS dialogue as our work progresses. We will also look to the public to help us define relevant measures. As described subsequently in the Participation and Collaboration section of the plan, we will be developing standard metrics for measuring the success of efforts to engage the public." It is not clear to me (i.e., transparent) how HHS is engaging interested persons (like myself) to participate in the collaboration of developing metrics for measuring its progress. May I suggest that, without changing or adding to the text of the OpenGov Plan 1.1 (above), it would help if you could add a web-link to "cross-HHS dialogue" or "the public to help us define relevant measures". That would help lead people to those discussions (assuming that they have been happening over the past year).

    Posted on Wed Mar 16, 2011 | Reply
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