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    Gary Berg-Cross, Ph.D. in Potomac, MD writes:

    There is a discussion on What does good collaboration look like? (RE: April OGD Workshop @ USDA)at This includes my observation that: While collaboration is natural in some societies, and can come natural in pre-existing teams, generous collaboration can seem unnatural when new groups form. People don't understand each others agenda or intentions. And groups need to buy into shared objectives. More than one or two people need to be passionaltely involved. And the group needs to understanding who needs to do what by when and why; so there need to be effective communidation on these. To be effective collaboration and communication needs some time to work and let group trust and cohension develop. In this process it must avoid various putfalls and barriers. If these barriers are structurally build in by organizations that people work in they are particularly damagng. Real collaborartion will avoid some of the perceived barriers to collaboration which include (from a large literature) : Fear of the unknow or "stranger danger"; - a reluctance to share with others unknown to you Old wine in new bottles or "needle in a haystack"; people believe that others may have already solved your problem but how do you find such solutions? Fear of new wine or "Not Invented Here" which is the opposite side of the previous barrier; this is the avoidance of earlier work, research or knowledge because it was not originally developed within the "group" and has no institutional standing. Controlling resoureces or "hoarding"; based on previous experience some "collaborators" will not fully share knowledge because they see their "expertise" as a source of power - after all isn't that how people get recognized and get ahead?

    Posted on Tue Apr 27, 2010 | Reply
    Gary Berg-Cross, Ph.D. in Potomac, MD writes:

    Is there more informtion available about the “Open Government for Health†interagency group?

    Posted on Thu Apr 15, 2010 | Reply
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