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Award Program Information

What happened to the President's Challenge?

The President’s Challenge Physical Activity & Fitness Awards Program, a program of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, recognized nearly 70 million Americans of all ages and ability levels for their physical activity and nutrition achievements since 1988. Through a variety of programs, including the longstanding and evolving youth fitness test, the President’s Challenge provided tools and resources to motivate youth and adults to meet the Physical Activity and Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

On August 31, 2016, the programs that comprise the President’s Challenge underwent an organizational transition to better serve the American public. New and existing partnerships are providing additional resources for these programs to improve their efficiency, accessibility, and physical activity and nutrition tracking options. As part of the transition, the President’s Challenge office in Bloomington, Indiana, is closed.


Key details on the program transitions

Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP):

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program provides educators with the necessary tools and information to achieve excellence through quality fitness education and assessment practices. The Presidential Youth Fitness Program was launched in 2012 to phase out the Presidential Physical Fitness Test. This new program to assess student fitness levels now provides additional tools and resources to ensure students are fit for life. With an evolved approach, the fitness assessment has moved away from recognizing athletic fitness to providing a barometer on student’s health.

PYFP operates through a public-private partnership between the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Cooper Institute, SHAPE America, and the National Fitness Foundation. All program resources and information about how to get involved can be found at pyfp.org. For questions about the program, please contact the program directly at info@pyfp.org.

PYFP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I order my student recognition items for the Presidential Youth Fitness Program?
A: You can order your recognition items by visiting The Loyalist’s award store https://www.theloyalist.com/pyfp or by calling 646-363-6896.

Q: I have a question about my order. Who can I contact?
A: The Loyalist is the award vendor for the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. Please contact The Loyalist directly at 646-363-6896 and/or pyfp@theloyalist.com.

Q: I’m still using the Presidential, National, and Participant awards from the Youth Fitness Test. How does this transition affect me?
A: These award items are no longer available. The Youth Fitness Test was sunset in 2013. All physical educators interested in assessing student fitness are encouraged to get started with the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. New awards are available for PYFP.

Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+):

The PALA+ program is now part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s SuperTracker – a free online tool for tracking daily food and physical activity. You can begin an eight-week PALA+ program at any time on SuperTracker or by using the PALA+ paper log. Visit the PALA+ page for more information.

Presidential Champions:

The Presidential Champions program is now part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s SuperTracker – a free online tool for tracking daily food and physical activity. Individuals who participated in the program on the President’s Challenge website before August 2016 can follow an easy two-step process to resume earning points towards awards, and the program is open to new sign-ups. Visit the Presidential Champions page for more information on how to continue participating in the program.

Adult Fitness Test:

The Adult Fitness Test is undergoing a review and is no longer available online. An announcement will be made when more information becomes available about the future of the Adult Fitness Test.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does this change mean for visitors of the President’s Challenge and users of its programs?
A: Visitors to the President’s Challenge website may bookmark the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition website Fitness.gov for physical activity and nutrition facts, tips, and resources. Users of the President’s Challenge programs can find transition details for each program above.

Q: What is happening to the President’s Challenge Advocate Program?
A: The President’s Challenge Advocate Program ceased operations on August 31, 2016, ending the advocate organizations’ relationship to the President’s Challenge. However, all advocate organizations are strongly encouraged to continue using the President’s Council’s free programs to help motivate their communities to live active, healthy lifestyles.

Q: Can I still purchase products from the President’s Challenge?
A: Products that feature the President’s Challenge brand are no longer available.

Content created by President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition
Content last reviewed on May 19, 2017