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E-Gov Travel

Our Mission

PSC Transportation Services delivers customized and scalable travel and transportation solutions, and centralizes functional support activities throughout the Federal government to minimize operational costs for our customers and realize service delivery excellence for their employees.

PSC Transportation Services offers best in class commuter, local, temporary duty services, to include program planning and management, policy development and implementation, technology and systems integration, training development and delivery, and quality assurance, freeing our customers to remain focused on their core missions and critical objectives.



Man traveling by plane

TDY Travel


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Travel card for Federal Workers

Travel Card


Planes circling the globe

Travel Policy


Computer classroom

Travel Training


Transit Subsidy GO!card

Transit Subsidy (GO!card™)




Domestic Travel

Our one stop shop for guidance on how to plan, create and change domestic travel is designed to provide you with all the information you will need for your travel process.


International Travel

Our one stop shop provides you with key information regarding travel to foreign countries, and how best to plan, create and change your travel plans.


Local, regional, national and worldwide weather forecasts


Check Flight Status

Check the status of your Domestic or International flight by airline and flight number or city pairs.  The information is provided as a convenience only. NOTE: The schedules are only as accurate as the data provided by the airlines and are subject to change without notice.