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Who to Contact

For questions regarding a specific submission made within the past 60 days, please contact the staff member listed as the reviewer of your document at or contact any of those staff members for answers to general questions.)

Reviewers of Assurances and IRB Registrations

(Click to E-Mail)

Team Leader/Assurance/IRB Coordinator

Dr. Hal Blatt




Assurance/IRB Coordinator

Ms. Jean Makle





Staff Assignments for Questions Regarding Filing an Assurance

Please contact the staff member indicated by the initials following your location.

United StatesInternational

Alabama (JM)

Alaska (JM)

Arizona (HB)

Arkansas (JM)

California (JM)

Colorado (JM)

Connecticut (HB)

Delaware (JM)

District of Columbia (HB)

Florida (JM)

Georgia (JM)

Hawaii (JM)

Idaho (JM)

Illinois (HB)

Iowa (JM)

Indiana (HB)

Kansas (HB)

Kentucky (HB)

Louisiana (HB)

Maine (JM)

Maryland (HB)

Massachusetts (HB)

Michigan (HB)

Minnesota (HB)

Mississippi (HB)

Missouri (HB)

Montana (JM)

Nebraska (JM)

Nevada (JM)

New Hampshire (HB)

New Jersey (HB)

New Mexico (HB)

New York (HB)

North Carolina (HB)

North Dakota (JM)

Ohio (HB)

Oklahoma (HB)

Oregon (JM)

Pennsylvania (HB)

Puerto Rico (HB)

Rhode Island (JM)

South Carolina (HB)

South Dakota (JM)

Tennessee (HB)

Texas (HB)

Utah (JM)

Vermont (JM)

Virgin Islands (JM)

Virginia (HB)

Washington (JM)

West Virginia (JM)

Wisconsin (HB)

Wyoming (JM)

Africa (JM)

Asia (JM)

Canada (HB)

Europe (HB)

Middle East (JM)

Other Americas (HB)

Pacific (HB)


Content last reviewed on March 6, 2014