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Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs (IEA)

IEA’s mission is to serve as the Secretary’s liaison to state, local and tribal governments and non-governmental organizations.  IEA facilitates communication between the Department and these governmental and non-governmental stakeholders regarding HHS initiatives and policies.

In this endeavor, IEA serves the dual role of representing the intergovernmental and external perspective in the federal policymaking process as well as clarifying the federal perspective to intergovernmental officials and external stakeholders.

IEA aims to enhance communication and partnerships with local, state, and tribal governments as well as a variety of external partners such as, academia, private sector, labor unions, profit and not-for profit groups and national organizations.

Contact the Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs:

Phone:                   (202) 690-6060

Fax:                       (202) 205-2727


Mailing Address:   Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs
                              U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
                              Hubert Humphrey Building, 620E
                              200 Independence Avenue, SW
                              Washington, DC 20201

To contact an HHS Regional Office, please visit the Regional Offices page.

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Content last reviewed on April 15, 2014