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Departmental Appeals Board (DAB)

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The title Departmental Appeals Board (“DAB”) refers both to the Board Members (collectively the “Board”) that the Secretary appoints and to the larger staff organization. The DAB provides impartial, independent review of disputed decisions in a wide range of Department programs under more than 60 statutory provisions.

The DAB includes the Board itself (supported by the Appellate Division), Administrative Law Judges (“ALJs”) (supported by the Civil Remedies Division), and the Medicare Appeals Council (supported by the Medicare Operations Division). Thus, the DAB has three adjudicatory divisions, each with its own set of judges and staff, as well as its own areas of jurisdiction. The DAB also has a leadership role in implementing Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) across the Department, since the DAB Chair is the designated Dispute Resolution Specialist under the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1996.

DAB Divisions

Alternative Dispute Resolution Division
The Alternative Dispute Resolution Division provides alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) services in appeals filed with the Board’s other three Divisions. ADR in Board cases typically involves either mediation or ombudsman services.

Appellate Division
The Appellate Division provides staff support for the Board Members, who are career civil servants appointed by the Secretary to provide an impartial, independent review of disputes arising in a wide range of HHS programs. The Board also provides appellate review of certain types of Administrative Law Judge decisions. In most cases, the Board decision is the final administrative decision of HHS.

Civil Remedies Division
The Civil Remedies Division (“CRD”) provides staff support for the Administrative Law Judges (“ALJs”) assigned to the DAB. The ALJs are qualified under the Federal Administrative Procedure Act to conduct hearings on the record. Generally, the ALJ decision is an initial decision that may be appealed to the Board. If the ALJ decision is not appealed, it represents the final administrative decision.

Medicare Operations Division
The Medicare Operations Division provides staff support to the Administrative Appeals Judges and Appeals Officers on the Medicare Appeals Council. The Council provides the final administrative review of claims for entitlement to Medicare and individual claims for Medicare coverage and payment filed by beneficiaries or health care providers/suppliers.