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Selected HHS Blog Posts

Read a blog about the 2016 Global Health Security Initiative (GHSI) meeting.
Global health security requires a global response. That’s what we are working on across nations and across oceans.
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Global Health
Read a blog about the CDC Vital Signs on Healthcare-associated infections
CDC is calling on doctors, nurses, health care facility administrators, and state and local health departments to continue to do their part to prevent HAIs.
Read an HHS Blog.
One-time emergency funding expands and enhances Head Start and Early Head Start services in Flint, Michigan.
Flint | Head Start
Read an HHS Blog.
The updated Women’s Preventive Services Guidelines will be developed by women’s health experts to meet women’s unique preventive health needs.
Read a blog post about keeping your heart healthy.
African-American men: It isn’t too late to take control and put your heart health first.
Read a blog post about Jordan Coughlen’s road to recovery from opioid abuse.
Without recovery I would not be the proud, hard-working, resilient, hopeful man I am.
Strengthening Federal Partnerships with Faith-based and Community Organizations
Today’s second set of FAQs addresses fees for copies of health information and the right to have health information sent directly to a third party.
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Read a blog post about our work to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions.
A new study by HHS researchers published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that readmissions fell sharply following enactment of the ACA.
Read an HHS Blog.
We’re working on a number of initiatives to advance health equity & bridge the gaps in health & well-being that still are too prevalent for the black community.
Read a blog post about HHS’ work to support state and local community efforts in Flint.
We’re in Flint for the many people like Cynthia who are worried about their health, and the health of their families.


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