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Selected HHS Blog Posts

Read an HHS Blog.
Today’s proposed changes are the latest actions designed to reduce the number of pending appeals and streamline the Medicare appeals process.
Read a blog post about Sana’s #RefugeesWelcome story.
I believe telling our stories is the best thing we can do to let others know that we’re human. I’m just like you.
Read a blog about Musa’s #RefugeesWelcome story.
I’m happy being here; that’s why I work hard. I want to serve this country. I want to be somebody in this country.
Strengthening Federal Partnerships with Faith-based and Community Organizations
The Flint community, together with partners, has really come together to help children and families overcome the potential health effects of this crisis.
Read a blog about Ben’s #RefugeesWelcome story.
We have freedom here, and we’re enjoying our life. I can support my family. My children are getting an education. This is hope.
Read a blog post about a listening session the Mental Health and Substance Use disorder Parity Task Force held in early June, 2016.
More than 170 million people have better insurance coverage for mental health and substance use disorder care thanks to new coverage and parity protections.
Read a blog post about Sahro’s #RefugeesWelcome story.
I want to thank the government of the United States for resettling refugees and giving them the opportunity to live here and have rights.
Read a blog post about Subash’s #RefugeesWelcome story.
I am thankful to the government and people of the United States for welcoming me and giving me an opportunity to see how a real living is an earned living.
Read a blog about Joseph Lewis’ #RefugeesWelcome story.
Refugees come to America with a lot to offer this nation. We have a lot of scars. All refugees are asking is just to embrace us.
Read a blog commemorating World Refugee Day 2016 and the #RefugeesWelcome campaign.
World Refugee Day is dedicated to raising awareness about the millions of displaced people around the world seeking refuge in countries near and far.