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Selected HHS Blog Posts

Read a blog post about National Child Abuse Prevention Month.
Since 1983, the Children's Bureau has been a stalwart in its efforts to promote National Child Abuse Prevention Month.
Read a blog post about how businesses in health care are innovating for the future.
Earlier this month, Secretary Burwell traveled to Rock Health in San Francisco to meet with healthcare entrepreneurs.
Alexis Wineman, the first woman with ASD to participate in the Miss America competition, feels that her family, and particularly her siblings, has always been a source of strength and inspiration for her.
Read a blog about the new Suicide Safe mobile app.
We need to address suicide right now—we need providers and patients to start having important conversations today, and now, SAMHSA’s Suicide Safe app can help.
Read a blog post about ADHD treatments for children.
We know a lot more today about how to help children with ADHD thrive at home, at school, and socially with friends.
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