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Selected HHS Blog Posts

Aaron Jump. Detroit, MI
I think everyone should have access to affordable health insurance, if only for their own peace of mind and the freedom to pursue their dreams.
Read a blog post about efforts to help rural America get covered for 2017.
Nearly 9 in 10 rural Marketplace consumers will be able to get tax credits to help pay for a plan that works for them and their families.
Read a blog post about how we’re measuring the threat of antibiotic resistance.
When people have stable living conditions, it positively impacts their health. Recognizing this, HRSA programs have linked health care services and housing.
Read a blog post about the latest CDC Vital Signs on cancer and tobacco use.
According to the latest CDC Vital Signs report, quitting tobacco use at any age can reduce the risk of getting or dying from cancer.
Read a blog post about how we’re working to make sure every veteran has access to affordable, quality health care.
Today, more veterans have the security and peace of mind that health coverage provides. But we have more work to do.
Read a blog post about Mary’s #GetCovered story.
Because of the Affordable Care Act and the 2008 mental health parity law, I can’t be denied coverage because of my pre-existing bipolar disorder.
Read a blog post about Secretary Burwell’s visit to Cuba.
While our partnerships on health are still at an early stage, it’s clear the United States and Cuba have many shared goals.
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Global Health
All across the country, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is helping to make health care accessible to millions of people.
Read a blog post about Open Enrollment 2017.
Most people shopping on will be able to find health coverage for less than $75 per month after tax credits.
Read a blog post that debunks some of the common myths about the Affordable Care Act.
Most consumers shopping on the Marketplace will be able to find a plan between $50 and $100 per month, thanks to financial assistance.