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Selected HHS Blog Posts

Read a blog post about Naweed’s #RefugeesWelcome story.
Naweed Lemar, an employee at HHS, talked with his father, Hashim, about becoming a refugee from Afghanistan.
Read a blog post about progress HHS has made in combatting antibiotic resistance.
The CARB Task Force, which includes the Departments of Defense and Agriculture, has been working to implement the National Action Plan for over a year now.
Read a blog post about how we’re measuring the threat of antibiotic resistance.
This Administration has sounded the alarm on antibiotic resistance and devoted more resources than any before it.
Read a blog post about Secretary Burwell’s trip to the 2016 Paralympic Games.
As our Paralympians showed us, with hard work, determination and a great team behind us, we can accomplish so much.
Read a blog post about inactivity among adults ages 50+.
Thirty-one million U.S. adults ages 50 years plus are not getting any physical activity; physical activity is vital for healthy aging.
Read a blog post about the September 2016 CDC Vital Signs report on blood pressure medication use.
Blood pressure medicine, along with a healthy diet and exercise, can protect the heart, brain, and kidneys, but only if patients take it.
Head Start teacher with children
The new school year is beginning, and we also have a new beginning for Head Start that will be felt in programs across the country.
Read a blog post about enrolling kids in Medicaid and CHIP.
Children and teens up to age 19 can get free or low-cost health coverage through Medicaid and CHIP.
CHIP | children
Rostro de niña
La cobertura de salud es una parte importante del inicio exitoso del año escolar.
Read a blog post about steps you can take to maintain your eye health.
You can reduce your risk of vision loss from eye disease and make sure your eyes are healthy by following a few simple steps.