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Selected HHS Blog Posts

Read an HHS Blog.
Our three departments take the emergence of this resistance gene very seriously. A coordinated response is underway to try to prevent its spread.
Read an HHS Blog.
We are pleased to release the final Data Security Policy Principles & Framework (Security Framework) for President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI).
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Health Data | Research
Read a blog post about the new FDA Nutrition Facts Label.
The Nutrition Facts label can make a real difference in helping consumers have the information they need to make dietary choices that support a healthy diet.
Read a blog post about Health Datapalooza 2016.
The Health Datapalooza was an extraordinary opportunity to meet stakeholders from across the health care industry.
Read a blog post about Nathan’s #GetCovered story.
The costs of my health care coverage have dramatically decreased since I was able to get insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace.
Read a blog post about National Foster Care Month 2016.
All month, we have been working to spotlight efforts to support and heal families so that children can stay with or come back to their families.
Read a blog post about National Nurses Week.
Nurses are still a hallmark of our health care system. Their hard work, dedication and commitment make patients safer and our nation stronger.
Read a blog about Career Pathways Leading Improved Services
Convening 12 agencies across the federal government to work together to promote career pathways is historic and is critical for promoting further scale.
Read an HHS Blog.
This Mother’s Day, we’re highlighting some of the tools that help women like me take care of our children and, just as importantly, ourselves.
Read a blog post about the CDC’s latest Vital Signs on ADHD.
Children diagnosed with ADHD at an early age tend to have the most severe symptoms and benefit from early treatment.


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