U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

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Selected HHS Blog Posts

Read an HHS Blog.
The President’s FY 2017 Budget proposes new investments to increases access to mental health care.
Read a blog post about what individuals have to say about what the Marketplace and Affordable Care Act means to them.
Here is what some of these individuals had to say about what Marketplace coverage and the protections of the Affordable Care Act mean to them.
Read a blog post about food safety and Super Bowl 50.
Hosting a game-day party? Prevent foodborne illness by tackling cross contamination.
food safety
Read an HHS Blog.
There is no known safe amount of alcohol – even beer or wine – that is safe for a woman to drink at any stage of pregnancy.
Read an HHS Blog.
The Zika virus is spread to people through the bite of infected mosquitos. About 1 in 5 people who get infected with Zika virus will show symptoms.