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Making Files Accessible

Making content accessible to people with disabilities online begins with making files compliant from the start.  Use the videos and step-by-step resources below to learn how to make your files.



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Additional File Types



If you need assistance with a program that is not on this page, contact us for more information.

508 Myths

"X" file format (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Audio, Video, you-name-it) doesn't have to be 508 compliant.
Since June 2001 the law has required all content created using federal money to be 508 compliant.
This includes government hosted or contractor hosted websites and intranet sites.  This also includes content hosted by third-party services like YouTube.

I can avoid 508 compliance because tagging PDFs creates an undue burden.
The Office of Disability states that the cost of correcting content to meet section 508 standards must exceed 5% of the total HHS discretionary budget in order to qualify as an undue burden.


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Content last reviewed on January 30, 2015