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Finding and Fixing Backend Errors

Back-End Text Errors

Though text may look accurate visually, on the back end there may be typos or additional spacing that will cause screen readers to announce incorrect content. This can occur in any document, but is more common to occur when a program other than Office was used to construct the original document.

Steps to check:

  1. Open the PDF.
  2. Select File > Save as other > More Options > Text (Plain).

  1. Select a save location.
  2. Select Save.
  3. Navigate to and open the text file in Word
  4. Using built in tools for grammar and spell checking, look for typos or spacing issues (only need to worry about the underlined red instances. Even then, only when there’s an actual issue, For example, names and scientific terms may be underlined)
  5. Compare results to the visual document.

Common Issues

  1. Tagged text does not match visual text

“Follow these directionsto ensure a positive migration experience”

Screenshot showing the combined words 'directions' and 'to' in the tag structure, but on the document they are correctly separated.


  • This issue will NOT be caught by the Adobe Accessibility checker.
  • Reading order issues can also be spotted here, but they are easier to spot with the technique further down in this document.
  • Alt text of images will be included in the document, so typos can be spotted there as well
  • Issues can be fixed in the PDF, but it’s better for authors to diagnose the issues in the source so as to avoid in future documents.
  • The initial save as the text file seems to replicate the closest experience as to what assistive-technology users’ experience, as such it is NOT recommended to save directly as a Word file in this evaluation.


For each instance:

  1. Open the tags tree from Adobe
  2. Go to the tag containing the issue
  3. Right click and do copy contents to clipboard

  4. Right click the tag again and select properties
  5. Paste into the “Actual Text” field

  1. Fix the issue within the actual text field.
Content created by Digital Communications Division (DCD)
Content last reviewed on February 6, 2018