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HHS Section 508 Accessibility Checklists

The below checklists are the official HHS Accessibility checklists.  Any time you are preparing an electronic document that will be posted online or distributed via e-mail, whether it’s an internal document or an external document, you need to follow the Section 508 guidelines. These checklists will help you ensure compliance with the guidelines.

Checklist: PDF File

Checklist: Word Document

Checklist: Excel Document

Checklist: PowerPoint Document

Checklist: HTML File

Checklist: Multimedia File

In addition to Section 508 requirements, HHS has policies, standards, and requirements for electronic documents that include but are not limited to the following:

ID Requirements Result
AA1 Document file name should not contain any spaces or special characters.  
AA2 Document file name needs to be concise, generally limited to 20-30 characters and should clarify the contents of the file.  
AA3 All Document properties should be filled out: Title, Author, (an HHS OpDiv, StaffDiv, or Program Office---not an individual’s names) Subject, and Keywords  
AA3 Use electronic version for any signatures.  


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Content last reviewed on May 6, 2019