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Five Easy Steps to Raising Your Leaderboard Scores

The leaderboard demonstrates how compliant our websites are with Section 508. The accessibility of websites for each Operating Division is determined each month by an automated scan of every page of every website. We strive to have all of our sites at 90% and above. If your scores are making the cut, follow the stops below to bring your scores back up.

1) Review Your Group’s/Website’s Scores to Identify all Areas Below 90%

  1. Drill into the Leaderboard report—all the way to the lower-most level for each subgroup/subsite—to ensure you’re not missing any areas below 90.
  2. Identify web contacts for those areas (i.e., individuals who have the authority and technical expertise to make changes to the website in support of Section 508). We generally refer to those individuals as “Issue Managers” or, in some cases, “Content Managers”.

2) Send an E-mail to scansupport@hhs.gov to Request Access to the ADDE client (the tool that allows you/your team members to verify and raise your group’s scores).

  1. Be sure the subject of the e-mail uses a phrase like “Needs Access to the Issue Management Client” to help us more quickly process your request.
  2. Include the name of each “Issue Manager/Content Manager” who will need access to the ADDE client and identify the OpDiv/Group each person is affiliated with.
  3. Ask for a username and password for each person.
  4. State that you need access in order to issue manage the following [then list the group or sites that the individuals will be managing].

3) Schedule Issue Management Training To Learn How To Use The ADDE Client And Conduct Issue Management

  1. “Issue Management,” in our case, means “Using the ADDE client to revise your Leaderboard scores.”
  2. To schedule the training, please e-mail Anthony.Prematta@hhs.gov; please be sure to use the phrase “Needs Issue Management Training” in the subject of the e-mail to help us more quickly process your request.
  3. Including potential days/times for that training in your e-mail will be helpful.
  4. The training takes about 1 hour, is instructor led, and can be completed remotely.

4) Conduct Issue Management

  1. The ADDE client is an automated system that identifies problems that need to be fixed, and also flags issues that must be supplemented by manual checks. During those checks, there are two results that can happen during issue management for any flagged item:
    1. As you compare the flagged item with the actual sites’ content/HTML, you might find that the flagged item is in fact a valid 508/accessibility error that needs correction. In this case, the HTML/content needs to be adjusted to remedy that error. Those coding/content issues need to be corrected, confirmed as fixed, and eventually marked as a “pass” once things are indeed corrected.
    2. i.      As you compare the flagged item with the actual site’s content/HTML, you might find that there is no 508/accessibility problem. We call that result a “false positive”.  Once checked for compliance, those issues can be passed on the report using the ADDE client.
  2. Once issues are marked as a “pass,” that designation will carry forward in subsequent reports; the issues will not be flagged in future crawls.

5) Request a Scan Re-run

  1. Once you’ve completed issue management, e-mail scansupport@hhs.gov and ask for a scan re-run. Once the scan is complete, you’ll have access to an updated report, which will allow you to see the group’s/site’s newest score so that you can monitor progress.
  2. In the subject of your e-mail, please use the phrase “Need a Scan Re-Run to Assess Current Issue-Management Progress” to help ensure timely processing of your request.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact scansupport@hhs.gov.

Content created by Digital Communications Division (DCD)
Content last reviewed on January 30, 2015