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Percussion Tier One Support

HHS/ASPA Percussion Web Developers are now handling all Tier 1 Percussion support issues. This means that when you submit a request for support, it will be directed to HHS/ASPA Web Developers for initial evaluation and solution help. The Internal Tier 1 Support will work with you to try and resolve the issue. If HHS/ASPA Internal Tier 1 support is not able to help in resolving the issue, the issue is then referred to Percussion for Tier 2 or Tier 3 support by the HHS/ASPA Web Developer.

In order for the incident to be accelerated, Percussion requires HHS/ASPA Tier 1 support to provide the troubleshooting information listed below. Percussion will not accept the case unless all of the troubleshooting information listed below has been provided.

  1. Full explanation of the problem encountered and results desired.
  2. Detailed description of the steps to reproduce the reported issue.
  3. Detailed description of environments where the issue has been tested.  (Dev, Staging, Production, other systems)
  4. If publishing issue, provide a summary of publish testing, environments tested and review of publishing logs. (highlight area of problem)
  5. Attach console Log. (trim to + / - 2 hours of problems occurrence, highlight area of problem)
  6. Detailed description of tests performed to address issue and how their results did not address the issue. (what were the actual results)
  7. Detailed description of each environment tested.
  8. Detailed description of the results from testing on OOB (out of the box installation) at same patch level.
  9. Detailed description of the results from testing on OOB with the latest patch applied.
  10. Detailed description of the results from testing against Production, Development and Staging environments.
  11. Detailed description of the results from testing against Production copy of customer’s environment with the latest patch applied.
  12. Detailed description of the results of research performed. (include url’s of sites reviewed, information found on the community forum, documentation, etc.)

To enter a Percussion Tier one support issue, select this link

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Content last reviewed on August 19, 2015