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Title X Supported Health Centers Provide Critical Preventive Care

Diagram indicating how Title-X centers helped clients avoid negative health outcomes. The text-only version follows.

Text version of image:

Visits to Title X supported centers in 2010 helped clients avoid myriad negative health outcomes:

In contraceptive care:

  • 1.2 million unintended pregnancies were avoided.
  • 586,000 unplanned births were avoided.
  • 403,000 abortions were avoided.
  • 87,000 preterm or low-birth-weight births were avoided.

In STI testing:

  • 53,000 chlamydia infections were avoided.
  • 8,800 gonorrhea infections were avoided.
  • 250 HIV infections were avoided.
  • 590 ectopic pregnancies were avoided.
  • 1,160 infertility cases were avoided.

In Pap testing and HPV vaccination:

  • 1,940 cervical cancer cases were avoided.
  • 1,110 cervical cancer deaths were avoided.

This investment in 2010 also resulted in net government savings of $7 billion. Every dollar spent on publicly funded family planning services saves $7.09 in public expenditures.

Content created by Office of Population Affairs
Content last reviewed on August 31, 2016