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Information Collection - Proper Labeling for the Supporting Statement

A. Justification

  1. Circumstances Making the Collection of Information Necessary
  2. Purpose and Use of the Information Collection
  3. Use of Improved Information Technology and Burden Reduction
  4. Efforts to Identify Duplication and Use of Similar Information
  5. Impact on Small Businesses or Other Small Entities
  6. Consequences of Collecting the Information Less Frequently
  7. Special Circumstances Relating to the Guidelines of 5 CFR 1320.5
  8. Comments in Response to the Federal Register Notice and Efforts to Consult Outside the Agency
  9. Explanation of Any Payment or Gift to Respondents
  10. Assurance of Confidentiality Provided to Respondents
  11. Justification for Sensitive Questions
  12. Estimates of Annualized Burden Hours and Costs
  13. Estimates of Other Total Annual Cost Burden to Respondents and Record Keepers
  14. Annualized Cost to the Federal Government
  15. Explanation for Program Changes or Adjustments
  16. Plans for Tabulation and Publication and Project Time Schedule
  17. Reason(s) Display of OMB Expiration Date is Inappropriate
  18. Exceptions to Certification for Paperwork Reduction Act Submissions

B. Statistical Methods(used for collection of information employing statistical methods)

  1. Respondent Universe and Sampling Methods
  2. Procedures for the Collection of Information
  3. Methods to Maximize Response Rates and Deal with Nonresponse
  4. Test of Procedures or Methods to be Undertaken
  5. Individuals Consulted on Statistical Aspects and Individuals Collecting and/or Analyzing Data