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EPLC Frequently Asked Questions

What is EPLC

Why does HHS Need EPLC

How was EPLC Developed

Will EPLC cost more to use

What artifacts are available for me to use

Can I tailor EPLC to meet my specific project

Is EPLC required

Can I adapt EPLC to meet the specific business needs of my organization

How do I request a change to an EPLC artifact

Who do I ask if I have an EPLC question



What is EPLC?

A key to successful IT management is a solid project management methodology that incorporates best government and commercial practices through a consistent and repeatable process, and provides a standard structure for planning, managing and overseeing IT projects over their entire life cycle.  The HHS EPLC provides that methodology for HHS.


Why does HHS Need EPLC?
The EPLC framework will help establish a project management and accountability environment where HHS IT projects achieve consistently successful outcomes that maximize alignment with Department-wide and individual OPDIV goals and objectives.

How was EPLC developed?

EPLC was developed by the HHS EPLC Workgroup, which is composed of representatives from all Operating Divisions (OPDIVs).


Will EPLC cost more to use?

The EPLC framework implementation is likely to shift more time and resources to the planning phases for projects, and may require additional resources from Project Managers, Critical partners and IT governance organization participants for review and approval activities. This increased investment in planning and oversight is expected to return dividends in reduced program risk and less effort expended in rework or fixing foreseeable problems. 


What artifacts are available for me to use?

All EPLC Artifacts have been developed and posted to the EPLC Website at


Can I tailor EPLC to meet my specific project?

Yes.  Tailoring consists of customizing or waiving particular Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) phases, activities, deliverables or project reviews based on your specific project requirements or specific business needs.  Tailoring is completed during the Planning Phase of the project and is documented in the Project Process Agreement deliverable.  Project Managers document the reason why specific phases, activities, deliverables or reviews were adjusted.  Project Managers should contact their EPLC Workgroup point of contact for additional information on how their organization is implementing EPLC.  For more information on Tailoring, please refer to section 2.5 Tailoring in the EPLC Methodology. 


Is EPLC required?

HHS EPLC methodology applies to all HHS IT investments and projects.   Please refer to the EPLC Policy  for more information.


Can I adapt EPLC to meet the specific business needs of my organization?

Possibly. The EPLC framework is now required for use by HHS policy.  However, it is expected that organizations within HHS will develop implementation plans to ensure the framework is successfully incorporated into their IT development and operations business practices.  Please contact your EPLC Workgroup participant for more information.


How do I request a change to an EPLC artifact orhave an EPLC question?

Contact your EPLC Workgroup participant.