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NVAC subcommittees, or working groups, address topical issues in a timely manner. Each subcommittee has a specific charge, a timeline, and identified membership which may include nonmember consultants. The subcommittees are chaired by NVAC members. Federal Ex-Officio members and the NVPO are responsible for staffing the subcommittees and providing assistance to the Chairs.

Current Subcommittees

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination Working Group (2018 – TBD)

As HPV vaccination rates continue to remain low, NVAC was charged in 2018 to provide a brief report by June 2018 with recommendations to strengthen the effectiveness of national, state, and local efforts to improve HPV vaccination coverage rates.

In 2013, NVAC was charged with reviewing the current state of HPV immunization to understand the root cause(s) for low vaccine uptake and identify existing best practices. The working group’s report was released in 2015: Overcoming Barriers to Low HPV Vaccine Uptake in the United States: Recommendations from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee.

Former Subcommittees

Maternal Immunization Working Group (2012 – 2016)

NVAC was charged in 2012 with reviewing the state of maternal immunizations and existing best practices, the working group completed the report: Reducing Patient and Provider Barriers to Maternal Immunizations in June 2014 and Overcoming Barriers and Identifying Opportunities for Developing Maternal Immunizations in September 2016.

Mid-course Review Working Group (2014 – 2017)

Charged with conducting a Mid-course Review of the 2010 National Vaccine Plan and Implementation Plan, the working group completed the report: Evaluation of the 2010 National Vaccine Plan Mid-course Review: Recommendations from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee in February 2017.

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