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Comment on Draft Report

Adult Immunization Working Group

The NVAC convened an Adult Immunization Working Group (AIWG) in 2008.  The first task of this working group was to assess public health adult immunization activities in HHS and other federal programs. This included identifying gaps and recommending improvements in program implementation, coordination, evaluation and collaboration across agencies to improve vaccination uptake in adults.  The AIWG made recommendations in 9 areas to improve the function of federal programs to support adult immunization. The recommendations were approved by the NVAC in June 2009.

The AIWG completed its second charge, to develop recommendations for a comprehensive, sustainable, national adult immunization program that will lead to vaccine preventable disease reduction by improving adult immunization coverage levels. The recommendations were approved by NVAC in June 2011. The full report is available at the journal Public Health Reports.

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Content last reviewed on March 28, 2016