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NVAC Resolution: Welfare Reform

September 25, 1995

WHEREAS, welfare reform is a topic of urgent national concern which has prompted the President and Secretary of Health and Human Services to institute policies designed to encourage the States to experiment broadly with welfare reform initiatives; and

WHEREAS, many States have requested and received waivers to implement such initiatives; and

WHEREAS, many of these initiatives have included incentives and/or sanctions intended to improve the immunization rates for young children; and

WHEREAS, Congress has announced its intention to institute extensive and, in some cases, sweeping, changes in welfare programs, including the transfer of authority for such programs to the States:

Be it hereby resolved by NVAC that: the Secretary consider requesting all relevant Federal agencies involved with welfare reform to monitor the possible impact of these reforms on the immunization status of children and adults, to coordinate planning and development of welfare reform activities with respect to this issue, and to provide joint guidance to appropriate State agencies on vaccine coverage for such welfare reform proposals.

In adopting this resolution, NVAC offers its assistance in the development of any necessary and appropriate guidelines.

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