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NVAC Resolution: Vaccine Safety Action Plan

January 12, 1999

The NVAC recognizes that the success of immunization programs is preventing infectious diseases is critically dependent on ensuring the optimal safety of vaccines. As stated in NVAC’s January 22, 1996, resolution, the NVAC firmly believes that the development of action steps to achieve the Task Force on Safer Childhood Vaccines Report’s goals of education, research and surveillance are crucial for children and families in the United States.

The NVAC strongly endorses the Vaccine Safety Action Plan. While the Plan focuses on Federal activities, NVAC encourages collaboration with non-Federal government and private sector involvement. The NVAC will also assist in the expeditious development of priorities and relevant time lines for the Plan’s action steps. Therefore, NVAC recommends that additional funds be allocated for implementing the Vaccine Safety Action Plan independent of existing agency funding for immunization activities.

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