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NVAC Resolution: Immunization Infrastructure Funding

May 14, 1999

WHEREAS, current funding for immunization infrastructure from Fund 317 has been reduced and currently provides only $130 million, and

WHEREAS, state and local public health agencies have demonstrated a need for at least $195 million for infrastructure, and

WHEREAS, immunization infrastructure is essential to the provision of immunizations, and

WHEREAS, in the absence of adequate infrastructure funding, states and localities will be forced to reduce essential public health services, and

WHEREAS, those service reductions are likely to include WIC linkages, expanded clinic hours, registry development, immunization personnel and outreach, and reminder and recall systems, and

WHEREAS, the above services contribute to the improved immunization rates for children and the Department of Health and Human Services has expressed a commitment to the “Strategies for Sustaining Success” process,

Be it, therefore, resolved by the NVAC that current FY99 funding through Fund 317 for infrastructure is woefully inadequate and that $65 million additional infrastructure funding is essential for FY99 to maintain and improve the progress achieved in childhood immunization rates. The President’s proposed FY2000 budget falls $75 million below the level necessary to avoid further reductions in the above named public health services, NVAC recommends that the Assistant Secretary for Health convey to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services and the President the need to consider the findings of the Institute of Medicine committee relevant to this issue, when available.

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