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Featured Priority: Vaccine Safety

To ensure the ongoing success of vaccines, it's critical to continuously assess and strengthen vaccine safety efforts. NVPO works with federal partners and non-federal stakeholders to support vaccine safety systems, surveillance, monitoring, and research.

Vaccine Safety in the United Sates: Background

Efforts to support and innovate around the vaccine safety system are the focus of the second goal of the National Vaccine Plan (NVP). The vision of Goal 2 is broad and includes an array of activities such as: 
  • Ensure a robust vaccine safety scientific system that focuses on high priority areas
  • Facilitate the timely integration of advances in manufacturing sciences and regulatory approaches relevant to manufacturing, inspection, and oversight to enhance product quality and ensure patient safety
  • Support timely detection and verification of vaccine safety signals

To help meet this goal, the NVP has identified 8 objectives and 23 strategies. Read more about objectives and strategies for Goal 2.

Federal Efforts to Ensure Continued Support of Vaccine Safety

NVPO supports vaccines safety in a number of ways. For example, we:

  • Offer funding opportunities
  • Commission research and reviews of safety topics
  • Coordinate the Vaccine Safety Scientific Agenda
  • Lead the Immunization Safety Task Force
  • Assist federal agencies with research efforts
  • Work with international organizations to support vaccine safety around the world

Funding for Vaccine Safety Research

At NVPO, we offer opportunities to partner with us on research designed to help keep the U.S. vaccine safety system current. In 2015, NVPO awarded 2 cooperative agreements to the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute at the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals. This unique program is part of NVPO's efforts to maximize impact through collaboration.

Learn about past projects.

Vaccine Safety Scientific Agenda

The Vaccine Safety Scientific Agenda outlines the efforts of federal agencies on vaccine safety—and the scientific activities and interagency coordination that contribute to the safety system.

Immunization Safety Task Force

NVPO leads the Immunization Safety Task Force (ISTF), which provides guidance and coordination for all vaccine safety systems, activities, and research studies in the United States. The ISTF was created to ensure that all federal efforts related to immunization safety are coordinated—and to strengthen collaboration between government agencies working to increase immunization safety. Additionally, by engaging vaccine safety stakeholders, the ISTF supports vaccine safety monitoring research.

    You can also find more information in the following resources:

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    Content last reviewed on January 13, 2017