Here’s Why the HHS Office for Civil Rights & the Public Need an Entrepreneur Like You

What if the place you go to for physical therapy in Los Angeles decided to post information about you online including photos, without asking for permission?

What if you were denied the right to become a foster adoptive parent in Georgia solely because you have a disability?

Imagine if you were unable to access a complete copy of your young son’s medical records?

These examples are based on real complaints received by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR).  Settlements were reached for these cases, but they represent just 3 out of an average of 24,000 complaints that come through OCR’s complaint intake unit each year.  The mission-driven team at OCR is working hard to prioritize these complaints for investigation and resolution.  But the internal team also realizes that they could benefit from a fresh perspective – someone entrepreneurial from the outside, who knows how to improve processes and systems quickly and efficiently.

The Office for Civil Rights ensures that people have equal access and opportunities to participate in certain health care and human services programs without unlawful discrimination, and protects the privacy and security of health information.

That’s why OCR is recruiting a process improvement whiz as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence to revisit, re-imagine, and upgrade their Centralized Intake Unit (CIU) so it better responds to the needs of the public.

The Entrepreneur-in-Residence program brings seasoned experts into government for a 13-month tour of duty to solve complex and critical challenges in the delivery of health and human services to the American public.  It offers an unprecedented opportunity to solve interesting, impactful challenges, uniquely understand the healthcare market; and serve the public good.

But don’t take our word for it – hear from AJ Pearlman, one of OCR’s leaders, about why HHS needs your help, how you can make a difference from the inside of government by working on this project, and why you should apply:

If this mission resonates with you or with someone you know, learn more and apply or help us spread the word by sharing this blog or the link!  Growth and improvement is never static anywhere, so help us continuously improve, hack red tape and better deliver on our Department’s mission to ensure equal access to health and human services and protect the privacy rights and health information of the public. If you have questions or feedback, drop us a line at