Starting in January, HHS Staff Can Apply To These IDEA Lab Programs

In a few short weeks, we’ll all change our calendars over, and another January will be upon us. 2015 sounds oddly familiar already.

Through our programs this past year, we at the IDEA Lab have supported hundreds of HHS employees whose project ideas have helped to modernize the way we carry out our missions. We were lucky to be able to support at least some staff from every HHS Agency: FDA, CDC, NIH, SAMHSA, ACL, ACF, HRSA, CMS, IHS, AHRQ, and the Office of the Secretary. We plan on expanding on our services offered in 2015 in order to better support HHS employees across all parts of the Department. Beginning in January, there will be several opportunities for HHS staff to submit a proposal into one of the HHS IDEA Lab programs:

  • HHS Employees can nominate an impactful project for our HHS Innovates Awards Program. Our Annual HHS Innovates Ceremony shines a spotlight on bold staff that have implemented innovative solutions to complex problems. During the months of January and February, you can put forth your own innovation for consideration, or nominate a colleague for this competitive recognition award. Over the last 4 years, the Innovates Ceremony has highlighted 428 individuals from across the Department who have delivered on out-of-box projects that improve the way their Agency and the Department carry out our missions.
  • Starting January 2, senior and mid-management staff can propose projects for hiring outside talent through our HHS Entrepreneurs-In-Residence Program. This program brings private sector, specialized expertise into the Department to work with federal staff on complex, high-impact projects over a one year time frame. As these projects are identified, we’ll be putting out a call for private sector entrepreneurs to apply for these in-residence positions.
  • During the month of January, HHS staff who are looking to take an innovative effort to the next level can pitch for support from the HHS Ventures Fund. This Fund supports HHS staff looking to scale or operationalize already-tested innovation projects, programs, or services that provide better value back to the American People.
  • The next class of our 3 month HHS Ignite Accelerator program begins their projects in January. Last week we announced the 13 new teams representing 55 people from 8 of the HHS Agencies. In March of 2015, we’ll begin accepting proposals for the next class.

Are you an employee of HHS with a project idea but not sure which program is the right fit? Reach out to us at or reach out to one of our staff directly. We’d love to talk with you to better understand your needs and how we might be able to help.

We’re greatly looking forward to 2015! Can’t wait to see you then.