Are you in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest Interactive? The IDEA Lab is there also! Make sure to catch the three sessions with our IDEA Lab Staff. Patients First: Why Open Data Can Save Healthcare SATURDAY, March 8th 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Hilton Austin Downtown Salon F   HHS IDEA Lab Rep: Greg Downing, Executive Director for Innovation @ HHS The US and UK governments have put open data at the heart of current health reforms. In both countries, transparency has become a focal point for improvements in clinical quality and the cost effectiveness of services. This session is led by two of the architects of this transatlantic Big Data revolution – Greg Downing, Executive Director for Innovation at HHS, and Beverely Bryant, Director of Strategic Systems and Technology at NHS England – who argue that transparency has the power to transform patient outcomes, drive digital innovation and create unprecedented opportunities for science and economic growth. They will describe plans to release vast amounts of new data and how they propose to make this easy to access for entrepreneurs, patients and professionals. The UK is launching Code for Health – a new initiative to train clinicians and patients to develop their own applications. Find out how you can join the global data revolution in health. View more information on this session. ___________________________________________________________________________ The Dynamic Site Is Dead MONDAY, March 10th 12:30 – 1:30 PM Austin Convention Center, Ballroom BC HHS IDEA Lab Rep: Julie Herron, Innovator and Web Strategist What’s old is new again. Content delivery systems that push static, or ‘flat’ HTML files are back. Jekyll, Middleman, Prose.io, GitHub Pages have led a new wave of sites — particularly in government — that are being deployed faster, simpler, more securely. The time has come to throw out your database and your backend infrastructure…or has it? Come join a lively discussion on the pitfalls, peril, and ultimate glory involved in deploying content in a post CMS world, and learn how government sites are in fact leading the way. View more information on this session. ___________________________________________________________________________ Minorities & Health Tech: A How to Workshop MONDAY, March 10th 3:30 – 6:00 PM AT&T Conference Center, Conference Room 301 HHS IDEA Lab Rep: Damon Davis, Director for the Health Data Initiative This two and a half hour long workshop will discuss needs and opportunities for people of color and others to use their experience, skills & resources to build sustainable health tech solutions targeting communities of color. Part 1 will explain the need for health tech that consciously includes underrepresented groups in the design and implementation process, as well as a discussion of why minority developers are uniquely suited to lead innovations for the urban community. Part 2 will give practical how-to guidance on getting started & partnering with health care institutions. The workshop will focus on specific takeaway areas for each participant to learn from. Part 1 of the workshop will provide information on current technology, social media uses and consumption behavior by communities of color and provide use cases on how this information may be applied to health tech innovation development. Part 1 of the workshop will also showcase overview data on health disparities currently affecting communities of color and present a business case for developing health tech innovations for this population. Part 2 of the workshop will identify unique aspects of the health care innovation community (i.e. patients, communities, health care providers, health systems, insurers, pharmaceutical, biotech, academic institutions and government) and provide key resources for mentorship, collaboration and potential funding opportunities. Prerequisites: – A cursory understanding of how technology has been useful for improving our health (e.g. mobile health apps). What to Bring: – Business cards for networking and anything to take notes on (pen/notebook, tablet). View more information on this session.