Come Join the HHS IDEA Lab Team! Apply to be the Next Health Data Innovator.

The Department of Health and Human Services is seeking a Health Data Innovator and Entrepreneur to join the team.  We are looking for someone who can advance the goals of the Open Data and Health Data Initiatives to the entrepreneur, startup and development communities and deliver measurable results in terms of community engagement and new applications and use cases for health data to improve health and health care. The position is located in the Office of Science and Data Policy in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, in conjunction with the Office of the Chief Technology Officer. Building communities and coalitions to participate in the Health Data Initiative requires a combination of skills, expertise and experience in technology and innovation, entrepreneurship, health care analytics and leadership. The successful candidate will possess exceptional leadership, expertise and organizational skills including outreach, fieldwork and the ability to inspire passion and dedication in geographically and demographically diverse groups.  The candidate should be equally comfortable hacking together a minimally viable product for a community engagement website, and passionately presenting a compelling argument for using data to solve the toughest problems in health care to audiences of two to thousands.  The individual should be self-motivated and be able to be highly successful in an environment which encourages autonomy and self-determination, but know how to work closely with a team, both in-person and virtually.  Most importantly, the individual should not be afraid to suggest new, creative solutions to vexing problems, and be able to rapidly execute and iterate on them in an environment with limited resources. If you think you would be a good fit for the position, and want to come and be part of the HHS IDEA Lab team, apply now. More information on the Health Data Innovation and Entrepreneur position can be found here and more information on careers at the HHS IDEA Lab can be found at