Data Fueling Business Development and Health Care Transformation

Earlier this week I was honored to attend a kickoff event for an amazing new technology and data analytics enterprise known as ChenTech. ChenTech, a venture spun off by ChenMed, a Miami-based health care company, has expanded to establish a new software development center in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I would like to congratulate Dr. Christopher Chen and the ChenMed team who continue to be on the leading edge of health care innovation in the U.S. ChenMed’s pioneering work in the uses of data, technology and practice changes to revamp how health care is being modernized to improve cost and quality is inspiring clinicians and policymakers across the country.  Bryan Sivak at a podium giving a speech Last year I first met Dr. Chen during a visit to his clinics in Miami, Florida.  His family has built a fantastic company with a care delivery model focused on capitated care for seniors in communities that have some of the most complicated health issues.  When discussing the work ChenMed does, I mentioned to him that Louisiana was doing some very interesting work with health and data, where there is a health data affiliate of the Health Data Consortium.  From there, I recommended that he talk to the Louisiana Economic Development Office (LED) under Governor Bobby Jindal.  Once together, the State offered a competitive incentive package that includes the services of Louisiana Economic Development FastStart workforce development program for recruitment. ChenTech also is expected to utilize Louisiana’s Digital Interactive Media and Software Development Incentive as part of their business plan. I also want to celebrate the foresight of the government officials in New Orleans and the state of Louisiana, particularly their economic development officials.  They see the future benefits and opportunities of health data to power innovation. This is a perfect example of what it looks like when opportunity meets the right people and government can provide the incentives to lower the barriers to innovation.  I want to congratulate all of those involved who are pushing the important new frontiers in medicine, health care information technology and data analytics. Louisiana is continuing to grow into a hub for health care innovation. This is a great model for economic development for other parts of the country, and I look forward to watching it continue to unfold.