Now Soliciting Feedback on the Strategic Vision for Innovation at the Department of Health and Human Services

I am excited to announce the first draft of the HHS Strategic Vision for Innovation is now available for comment! Four years ago, through the efforts of the Open Government Initiative, the Department started to make significant strides in changing the culture of government by embracing transparency, collaboration and participation concepts.  As we have continued to build on those foundational concepts, we have encouraged dialogue and risk-taking behavior and rewarded employees who are passionate for innovation.  In line with the President’s 2013 Management Agenda,  we continue to advance the innovation agenda at the Department, we are not only focusing on empowering today’s workforce but also nurturing the next generation of HHS leadership and building a workplace culture that will attract the best and brightest minds and transform how health and human services are provided. To help guide this transformation going forward, with the input of many, we have developed the Innovation at the Department of Health and Human Services: Strategies to Empower HHS Employees and Build a 21stCentury Workforce of Problem-Solvers vision. This document defines new approaches that build on the success of the last four years and describes our vision of employee empowerment and engagement.  In the document you will find five guiding principles that we have identified for enabling this transformation, a new definition of the term “innovation” and draft goals and metrics for our overarching goal and for each of the CTO managed programs. We are inviting you to comment on the vision that will help guide our progress over the next three years.  We are currently soliciting feedback on the document until 8 PM ET on July 31, 2013.  The entire document is available below and is also split up into sections. On the feedback forum you can provide your comments on the entire document or just on a specific section.  One of the foundational aspects of the innovation agenda is transparency in government – with that, we want your feedback.  We encourage you to provide your feedback nowProvide your feedback here. CTO Full Strategy Document Part 1: Overview Part 2: The Role of the Chief Technology Officer in Promoting Innovation Part 3: Painting the Portrait of Culture Change Part 4: Summary and Recommendations Appendix A Appendix B