Health TechTalk

Finding the data resources to solve problems in health and health care is a typical first step innovators take to creating tools, apps, and services.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a vast array of data resources that many developers are now using to create them.  However, it is often difficult and time consuming to match data resources with the potential users.  To breakthrough this barrier, in January 2011, a web community was launched to provide catalogue listings, and search capabilities enabling users to find HHS data and tools in its holding.  Today, over 300 individual data resources from HHS and other federal agencies can be found at and many more new data entries are coming. Recognizing the value of the to the developer community, we asked for input on how to make better.  Building on your feedback, earlier this spring, we began a progress for a system redesign of  We plan to launch this new resource in June and are building many new and improved features and capabilities. In anticipation of this new user experience, we encourage you to watch the video below to see “What’s on our Whiteboard” to hear about the details.